This is part of a series on the factors that negatively affect thyroid health. Today we will cover Vit D and touch upon stress (we will cover this in a lot more detail in the next post!)

Vitamin-D deficiency might increase your risk of autoimmune thyroid disease and thyroid dysfunction . You might be consuming enough vitamin D but not necessarily absorbing it. If your small intestine isn’t functioning up to par, it can’t absorb all the vitamins you take in. And guess what? Impaired digestion is a hallmark of hypothyroidism. Talk about a vicious cycle! Luckily, The  Metabolism Plan, a round of MSM and a good quality probiotic will help your thyroid and aid your digestion.

Stress can also sap your vitamin D levels. Stress causes an increase of cortisol, a powerful stress hormone. Stress hormones are made from cholesterol, which your body needs to synthesize Vitamin D from the sun. So when you are stressed, your body prioritizes the available cholesterol for stress hormones, with not enough left over to help with Vitamin D production. What to do for stress? Sam-e helps greatly on those days it seems like your world is exploding!

Finally, many daily medications might impair your Vitamin D levels, including over-the counter antacids, blood thinner, hormone replacement, and corticosteroids. When these meds deplete your vitamin D, they also challenge your thyroid. Not good.

Low-reactive, Plan-friendly foods rich in Vitamin D:
Wild white fish, shiitake mushrooms, cheese, eggs and organ meats such as liver, heart, and kidney. So break out the chopped liver and boost your D!

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