Heightened levels of ‪‎cortisol‬, your stress hormone, enacts long term fat storage which leads to weight gain. In addition, stress disrupts hormonal balance and attacks our master gland for our metabolism, the thyroid. Thyroid dysfunction affects at least 30 million Americans, with many more undiagnosed to their condition. Thyroid dysfunction is linked to depression and anxiety. Mitigating the effects of stress is crucial for optimal weight loss, metabolic function and mood.

Cortisol exacerbates our tendency to store visceral fat, the fat around our abdomen. The fat cells that lie in the abdomen have been linked to increased rates of diabetes which affects 30 million Americans with 86 million with pre-diabetes. Visceral fat has also been linked to increased risk of heart disease which affects 47% of the US.

At The Plan we have found SAM-e’s unique effects to lower response to stress enhance weight loss and overall health. When combined with MSM and probiotics to strengthen digestion and the microbiome, traditional weight loss models are obsolete.

SAM-e stands for S-adenosyl methionine and is made in the body from a reaction between methionine, an amino acid and adenosine triphosphate. SAMe- is involved in many different reactions in the body and levels drop as we age. It is used to treat depression‬, stress, liver problems, fibromyalgia‬, musculoskeletal pain and arthritis. It is also used to treat cognitive decline and Alzheimers. Many women use sam-e for hormonal problems including PMS and PMDD. It has been shown to increase serotonin.

SAMe is the most active of all methyl donors and has been compared to ATP in its importance for the body. SAMe is involved in the synthesis of:
• Neurotransmitters
• The hormone melatonin
• Phospholipids
• Polyamines, which control cellular growth

It is also the source of methyl groups inside the nucleus for DNA methylation, which controls gene expression and masking of genetic damage.
SAMe was shown to improve liver function and provide protection from the hepatotoxic effects of medications (i.e., acetaminophen), alcohol, and other toxins. It increases synthesis of glutathione, and it is a precursor of taurine and phosphatidylcholine, which are essential in detoxification pathways. These functions of SAMe could potentially be helpful for women taking HRT or BCPs, and those suffering from cholestasis and heavy metal toxicity.

SAMe was found very helpful in preventing and reversing the damage caused by both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis through the following mechanisms:
• Regeneration of the joint tissues by increasing the number of chondrocyte cells which are responsible for the production of the collagen matrix, proteoglycans and chondroitin sulfate
• Counteracts the destructive effect of the inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha

Allowing for the synthesis of chondroitin sulfate via supplementation of SAMe may make more sense than trying to supplement chondroitin sulfate, which is a large and difficult to absorb molecule. Many of the quality studies supporting the use of chondroitin sulfate were conducted with intravenous administration.
In addition, by improving serotonin levels, SAMe might improve pain tolerance in patients with fibromyalgia and other pain disorders.

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