Lyn-Genet RecitasGuidance programs are designed to help you incorporate The Plan into your life by finding the best foods and exercises that work for YOUR unique body chemistry.
We work virtually with clients worldwide. While many of our clients have a variety of health conditions, others simply want to “feel better” or lose weight. A support program with our staff will support you on your individual path to your optimum health. We can connect with clients via phone or email on a daily, weekly or one time only / as needed basis.

Our Practitioners include Lyn-Genet as well as our extensively trained Certified Plan Health Coaches. For clients working with Lyn-Genet directly, their program includes additional analysis of all past and current blood work including adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance, and hormonal imbalance. Please email labs to [email protected] prior to your consult. We can also order labs via our Plan Physician, Dr. Talbot.

For one-on-one support, email [email protected] or call 1-646-330-4769 for pricing and next availability. Prices vary per nutritionist.   

If anyone has ever doubted that they could lose weight in a healthy way and actually be able to maintain it, then you must come and see Lyn for a nutrition consultation. I have gone through many diet fads that worked for a quick fix, but always struggled with how to keep the weight off permanently without depriving myself of the foods my body needs. When I went to see Lyn, I didn’t know how amazing this life style change would be. I lost 20 pounds in 2 months, have learned so much about the way my body digests and processes different foods. I not only feel good but I also feel so much more in control of what I am putting into my body. The best part is that Lyn works with you step by step to help you figure this out – so you’re not alone in the process.Y.P.

The Plan Team offers the following Program options:

The Prime Plus Plan

A support program for one full year! Three phone consultations plus labs ordered through your insurance 3 times/year and a 30 Day Plan and a 20 Day Plan within the year based on your blood work. Your nutritionist or doctor analyzes your data and corresponds with you daily via email (Monday – Friday) during the 30 Day Plan and 20 Day Plan.

The Prime Plan – 45 Days

A 45 day program with 3 half hour calls every 2 weeks. Your nutritionist analyzes your data and corresponds with you daily via email (Monday – Friday), resulting in your maximum success for best weight loss and best health!

The Metabolism Plan- 45 Day

The Metabolism Plan is perfect for those who want to have their dream body. This Plan includes daily email analysis with your nutritionist Mon-Fri and analysis of your current training schedule, in addition to helping you find your “friendly” foods. This program includes body composition analysis, reduction in body fat, personalized fitness routines, as well as interfacing w/ your trainer if you have one or creating a tailored training program for you based on your goals. For optimal results, please purchase recommended body fat monitor. Taking body fat daily helps to tailor your fitness regimen optimizes your body composition

The 20 and 30 Day Plans include daily interaction of data Mon- Fri. 30 day programs are recommended for Planners who wish to work on more serious health issues or work on fitness. You will have emails with your health coach/nutritionist or Lyn-Genet. You will follow a set menu plan for Days 1-20 and then graduate to custom menu planning.

Phone Consultations can be booked alone or with a 20, 30, 45, or Annual Day Plan. We do like all new clients to have an Initial Phone Consultation to begin.

The Plan for Children is another program we offer. Note: Lyn-Genet is the only practitioner that works with children. Children need to follow an individualized “Children’s Plan” which is based on their current diet not the Days 1-20 menu that adults follow. Lyn-Genet will work with their current diet starting from the least inflammatory foods and then test more potentially reactive foods. She will go by physiological response to determine reactivity such as monitoring mood, digestion, attention span and not by weight in children. She will also work with parent and teacher feedback throughout this process, if available.

Prices vary per nutritionist. You can read more about The Plan Practitioners on Our Team page.

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