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The Plan has been featured on The Dr Oz Show, Fox News, USA Weekend, More Magazine, and Crain’s NY


_MG_0171editLyn-Genet Recitas, Sports Nutritionist, NMT, Holistic Health Practitioner,  RYT

Lyn-Genet Recitas is the NY Times and International Bestselling author of The Plan and The Metabolism Plan a groundbreaking anti-inflammatory nutritional protocol which has been published in over 15 countries. She’s been featured on Dr. Oz, Huffington Post, CBS, NBC, Fox News, Women’s Running, Fitness, Marie Claire, Elle, and Prevention.

Lyn-Genet and her staff of doctors and nutritionists have helped hundreds of thousands of men and women reach their best health by finding their chemical responses to food, not counting calories. The Plan is an effective way to lose weight, improve health and reverse the aging process.  You may learn more about her work at www.lyngenet.com or follow her on TwitterFacebookInstagram or her Blog.


Dr. Katie Reinholtz – Director of Nutrition

Katie developed a strong interest in Natural Medicine as an undergraduate student studying Psychology and Chemistry at Virginia Tech. She went on to attend and graduate from Naturopathic Medical school at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Katie’s interests and training include women’s health, holistic endocrinology, herbal medicine, and nutrition. She is passionate about providing good integrative healthcare and looks forward to helping clients discover food as medicine.


Sarah Frost Crew – Head Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionist

Sarah Frost Crew grew up in a family that emphasized nutrition and the healing powers of food. She works as a teacher and lecturer to change behavior patterns that cause physical and emotional distress. Sarah turned to The Plan at age 30 because she was taking 5 medications for moderate postpartum depression and unexplained pain throughout her whole body. Four months after finishing the 20 day plan, Sarah was able to come off of all 5 medications and remains off of them 4 years later.

A turning point came when Sarah’s oldest child, 7 yr old Emma, had daily pain and was diagnosed with ADHD and restless leg syndrome. Her prognosis was a regimen of serious medications. Sarah contacted Lyn-Genet, who walked Sarah and Emma through a custom Plan designed for Emma. Within 6 month Emma was out of pain, no longer recommended for medications, and is now achieving awards for her focus and performance.
Sarah has taken her lifelong commitment to health and empowerment to help people worldwide. She is working with Lyn-Genet one on one to specialize in pediatric, teen and family nutrition.


Dr. Nicole Talbot, D.O.

Dr. Talbot is the designated physician for The Lyn-Genet Plan. As a family practice physician, board-certified with the American Board of Family Medicine, she is devoted to educating clients on the importance of healthy lifestyle and proper diet. Nicole’s enthusiastic approach to healthy living is what led her to The Plan. Nicole specializes in the treatment of hormone imbalance and strives to find natural remedies that solve the issue rather than masking symptoms. Being certified in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is an integral part of aiding her patients with hormonal imbalances.


Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 1.53.44 PMEmily Smachetti – Plan Health Coach, Sports Nutritionist

Emily, who works full-time as a federal prosecutor and part-time as a yoga instructor, turned to The Plan after struggling with a life-time of migraines, allergies, weight gain and hormone imbalance associated with early onset peri-menopause.  Amazed at the virtual disappearance of these symptoms when she started to eat the foods right for her chemistry and stopped excessive exercising, Emily quickly began to share The Plan with friends and colleagues and embarked on her journey to becoming a Plan health coach.

A graduate of Smith College, the Vanderbilt Law School, and Frog Lotus yoga teacher training, Emily’s goal is to support, guide, and nurture her clients, while empowering them with skills that will allow them to find the version of The Plan that is right for them.  She is a sports nutritionist and an avid cook. Emily enjoys putting together Plan-friendly menus for all occasions, and has tons of time-saving tricks and delicious menu ideas to seamlessly integrate The Plan into anyone’s daily life.


saraboxSara Box – Plan Health Coach

As a NASM certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Sara has nearly 10 years of experience working closely with individuals of all ages and fitness levels. After watching her clients struggle with the cookie-cutter “eat less, exercise more” approach to nutrition and weight loss, Sara recognized the unique nature of every body and the need to develop individualized exercise programs and health protocols in order to achieve optimal health. She studied Biological Anthropology and Exercise and Health Science at UC Santa Barbara and went on to complete her Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition through Hawthorn University. In 2014 Sara was introduced to The Plan and Lyn-Genet who helped Sara determine which foods were actually contributing to her own chronic allergies and hormone imbalance.

Eager to be a part of this groundbreaking and structured nutrition and exercise protocol that closely aligned with her individualized approach to helping others, Sara began training under Lyn-Genet to incorporate exercise testing with her private clients. Sara uses these findings to continually evolve the programs and classes at her own gym, Titan Sports Performance located in Santa Barbara, California.


Laura Kimmel – Plan Health Coach

Laura grew up in the kitchen.  It was there that cooking, drinking, and laughing as a family inspired the real joy of cooking.  Her creative spirit and passion for food and fun led her to open her own catering business that she owned and operated for 20 years.

Laura began struggling with health issues that nobody could fully diagnose or explain.  She gave up gluten, sugar, potatoes, pasta, and chocolate, yet weight gain, migraines, hormonal imbalance and skin rashes intensified. This went on for 18 years until she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2015.  It was at that point that she found out about The Plan and it changed her life.  Not only did she shed the unwanted weight, but she rid her body of the inflammation that was causing so many other issues.  Most importantly she realized that her passion was to help others using The Plan.

Her personal mantra: I want to have passion, make a difference; have relationships that grow; have integrity and do the right thing; use the power of great ideas to be creative; hold myself to the standard of excellence; have balance; have fun; be successful. If everybody wins so do I.


Jaci Stephens – Plan Health Coach & Sports Nutritionist

In college, my life changed completely; I found myself sick often and very easily. Most my time was spent in a doctor’s office, urgent care clinic or hospital. After trying the conventional path for a few years, I turned to the plan with unexplained chronic sinusitis, ear infections, strep throat, chronic nausea and vomiting, severe acid reflux, digestive diseases, severe migraines and eczema. Let me tell you- I thought I WAS eating healthy. I had tried, gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, even training for a 5k.

On the Metabolism plan, I not only conquered my battle with constant illness, eradicated eczema, nearly eliminated all migraines; but I lost 65 lbs.!! All along, my body had been sending me signs and signals, I just didn’t understand. This is what I love most about the plan; It teaches you to speak the language of your body. If calories worked, we’d all be skinny! But it’s not about calories, self-control, deprivation or extreme exercise; it’s all about catering to what your body needs and wants… finding YOUR healthy.


Saloni Mehra – Plan Health Coach, Sports Nutritionist

I first heard good things about The Plan from a person I hold in high esteem. “If it worked for her it must be authentic” I bought The Plan books, read cover to cover and did The Plan for a year, on my own. I had never known what it was like to have a stomach “at ease” till I did The Plan. The stubborn pounds melted away and I was so happy that I had invested in myself. I take my love of Asian and Indian cooking to transform meals into culinary delights.

A year after I started The Plan a family member had breast cancer. I recommended that she work with Lyn-Genet and under Lyn’s guidance I learnt to tweak menus to suit her daily needs and her fading appetite. The Plan helped her battle the big C and I was inspired to study this anti-inflammatory protocol directly with Lyn-Genet to understand how foods can restore one to best health and best weight. One of the best things about being a health coach is that I have been able to build close relationships with my clients when guiding them through their Plan journey.


Donna Huggins RN  – Plan Health Coach, Sports Nutritionist

I have worked in the conventional health field as an RN for over 10  years. After spending much time in the hospital setting as an ER nurse I decided to change my emphasis to a more holistic approach to health. I believe that prevention of the disease process is the key to health. I have always been intrigued by food and it’s healing properties. I read the Plan and immediately began to follow the book menus on my own. After 27 years as a vegetarian, it was obvious that an omnivore diet was better suited for me. All my menopausal weight dropped quickly and my psoriasis went into remission.

I feel so blessed to work with Lyn-Genet and the Plan family. It is very rewarding to be able to help people find their specific non- reactive foods and exercises to promote their best heath. The Plan works for everyone because no two individuals have the same genetic make up or dietary needs. Everyone can build their own specific Plan.  I am currently working to bridge the gap between conventional and holistic medicine. One day I hope to be a holistic doctor . For now I enjoy working with clients who have difficult travel and work schedules as I complete my NC degree.

Kathy Ha – Culinary Educator

Kathy has a real love of food and has been creating new plan-friendly meals into her everyday life for many years. An avid home cook, Kathy created Tutorial to Table, a program that teaches New Yorkers how to plan, prep and cook in their own kitchens. Kathy teaches second grade in New York City, and is excited to combine her experience of teaching with her passion of food to get planners set up for success.