Healthy foods may not always be so healthy when consumed too often. The reason? Every food contains compounds that can start to interfere with your chemistry. That’s why at my clinic we always say rotate or react to your foods. That reaction could be depression, weight gain, low mood or even a negative physical response like bloating, constipation, joint pain or headaches.

Now there’s a group of super nutritious foods that can actually cause health and weight issues if eaten too often. Ironically some of the “best ” foods you are eating can fall into that category because they are known as goitrogenic foods.

Goitrogens are compounds that disrupt the production of thyroid function by interfering with a vital nutrient for your metabolism. Iodine. So what should you do? Try limiting these foods to once a week and you will be paid off with better health, energy and weight. In addition, you will get optimal nutrition and rotation of foods without the potential health risks associated with low thyroid function, known as hypothyroidism.


Some of the common side effects of low thyroid function are:

Weight gain


Hair loss

Low sex drive

Feeling cold

Hormonal Imbalance

Sleep issues

Digestive issues

Low energy

Foggy thinking

Carb and sugar cravings

Here are some common goitrogens and how to rotate them out after your one day a week . All of these foods are also low inflammatory providing you with optimal health and weight!

The Simple Switch For Better Metabolism

Strawberries- switch to blueberries

Spinach- switch to cooked kale (cooking kale deactivates the goitrogens)

Cauliflower- switch to broccoli (cooking deactivates the goitrogens)

Peanut butter- switch to almond butter

Arugula- switch to baby romaine

Sweet potato – switch to potato

Pine nuts- switch to sunflower seeds

Horseradish/wasabi- switch to sriracha


Simply switching one food for another will get you to your health and weight goals and when you optimize thyroid function you boost your metabolism.

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Your friend in health,

Lyn-Genet Recitas

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