Did you know that my son Brayden had a mild wheat allergy? Yes and like any kid, it crushed him to not be able to eat wheat. And don’t get me started on how awful most gluten free products are for digestion…He preferred to have nothing at all!

So I decided to treat him just like a client. I cut out gluten for a full year, and because he does not have a serious disorder like celiac, I decided to test wheat. Happily, he now has has it 4-5 times a week with no issues!

Here’s the deal. If you cut out a food you have a mild sensitivity to (or even a mild allergy to) , you can usually enjoy that food again in 3-12 months (depending on severity of reaction)! Great news right?

Do you know what he does REALLY does well with ? Flour from Italy, so once a week I make a pizza dough for the whole family using Caputo’s flour which I order from Amazon or buy at Chelsea Market.

I use the Low Reactive Tomato Sauce from The Metabolism Plan Cookbook  with some fresh mozzarella for the kids, and manchego and goat cheese for me and Bill. You can use this recipe (which I personally use) to make the dough. Happy eating, happy healing!

Here’s the link for making the dough!

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