Update – 2024-04-29 – New memberships are no longer being accepted.

All current memberships include:

  • Exclusive Access to the Private Facebook page monitored by Lyn-Genet and her staff of Health Coaches
  • Seasonal Plan Recipe Book
  • Weekly Facebook Live Event with Lyn-Genet
  • Discounts on supplements (available US residents only)
  • Discounts on nutritional consultation services.

Philosophy and bylaws for participation in facebook:

  • The Plan Your Community Facebook group is to support your optimal health and weight using Plan principles. Our community is here to inform and transform your life! This group is the only group moderated by Lyn-Genet and her staff.
  • Sample questions include:
    • I failed goat cheese and almonds, what should I test to replace these items?
    • What can I do when I have to travel?
    • Do hormones affect my food testing?
    • What about testing exercise?
    • What happens if I forgot my last pint of water?
  • Participation is this group is not a substitute for working one-on-one with a health coach – where programs and questions are tailored specifically to individual needs.
  • All members must pledge to have read The Metabolism Plan¬†and Lyn-Genet’s original book The Plan. Both are available on Amazon.
  • Participation in this group is not a substitute for reading these foundational books and asking questions that are covered in these book is grounds for removal from the group.
  • Shaming, negative, rude, cursing or inappropriate remarks are also not conducive to our community and can lead to removal from the group.

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