Are all menus now Thyroid Friendly?

YES! All of our menus have been thyroid friendly since 2013. These are the only menus one should follow if you want to lower inflammation, have the best weight loss, and best health. Menus are updated seasonally, please email the office, [email protected] for the most updated menu.

Should I stop my medications when I start The Plan?

While we do often find that medications can be cut down dramatically once you get started please make sure to discuss with your Doctor before you discontinue or taper down on any medication!

Can I do The Plan if I’m breastfeeding?

For moms still breastfeeding, The Plan works beautifully but should only be done under the care of one of our staff because the weight loss on The Plan is very rapid and we may need to adjust variables so that it does not affect breast milk supply.

If I have diabetes do I need a specific menu?

We have found that diabetics do beautifully on The Plan using the thyroid menus. All our menus are now thyroid friendly. Sugars often stabilize within the first 2-3 days for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics so we recommend being in contact with your doctor to lower oral medications or insulin dosages as needed.

I’m under 35, can I still do The Plan?

Yes!  Doing The Plan under age 35 is still very valuable to improve health.  For clients that are under 35 and have a chronic health condition (eczema, migraines, diabetes, etc) weight is still a very accurate gauge.  However, we have found that weight is not as accurate of a gauge of reactivity for those under 35 who don’t have a chronic health condition so we recommend paying attention to physical cues (gas/bloating, constipation/diarrhea, headaches, fatigue) as indications to discovering your reactive foods.

I’m doing The Plan for health reasons, but don’t want to lose any more weight?

We work with many clients who want to improve their health but do not need to lose weight.  We have found that during the cleanse you may still lose a small amount of weight as the body lets go of inflammation but the body will quickly find it’s natural set point where weight will stabilize.  At this point you can judge reactivity by seeing weight go up and a friendly day will be where weight stays at your set point.

I’m concerned that I have a health issue that would prevent me from doing The Plan?  How do I find out?

The Plan can work for everybody (that’s the beauty of a program that’s about your individual chemistry!).  However there are some conditions, such as diverticulitis, where we do prefer that you work directly with a nutritionist to monitor progress. If you aren’t sure what is best in your particular situation please email [email protected] to ask.

How does a woman’s monthly cycle impact testing and reactivity?

Many women find that their weight stabilizes/goes up and their reactive response is amplified the 2-3 days prior to their cycle because of hormone related water retention.   Lets say a food, ie: fish is really only mildly reactive to you and normally cause you to stabilize, if you’re pms-ing, it can amplify that reactive response to a .5lb- 1lb gain.  Every woman is different with the amount of gain they see and for how long so make sure to pay attention to the cycle before you start The Plan to have a sense of how your body typically responds! As you continue on The Plan, hormone balance dramatically improves so every month you are on The Plan  you will see less water retention and fewer PMS symptoms prior to your cycle.

A good rule of thumb for most women is to avoid testing new foods (stick with friendly days) the 2-3 days prior to your cycle to prevent an exacerbated reactive response.  If you notice PMS for a week before your cycle rotate in a week of friendly day menus for the best results.  Once you start your period and feel good you can pick right back up with testing and collecting your data.

What can I expect during detox? What medications are safe to take for a detox headache?

We have devised the detox to be as easy as possible (no juice fasts or master cleanse here!) but still sometimes toxic buildup can cause some discomfort. It is better to deal with this now than later on when dis-ease starts to crop up in a more serious form. For details on what to expect and how to manage any detox symptoms please download our detox document on our website under Resources!

I am worried I might be hungry, especially during the cleanse?

Not at all! In fact, we often have clients who can’t finish every meal. Our goal is to chemically balance all meals and have you eat until full so that you feel completed satisfied. In fact, on the first day of the CLEANSE, you are consuming 2600 calories with 78 grams of protein and 80 grams of fiber.

Where can I get the Flax Granola?

You can order it directly from us.  If you prefer not to order it you can always make it (it’s really easy!) using the recipe from The Plan Cookbook or The Metabolism Plan.

Is there an alternative to the Flax Granola?

Until you test more foods you can sub the Blueberry Pear Compote or Smoothie in. It will not have the digestive benefits of the flax and some people note it is not as filling. Please add sunflower seeds as a topping to the compote. The recipe can be found in our menus online under Resources.


Does the Dandelion tea get counted as part of my water intake?

Yes—the Dandelion tea that you drink in the morning as your liver tonic does get counted towards your water intake.

What else can I drink besides water?

Peppermint tea, Chamomile tea, and Roobios teas are all fine to have included as part of your water intake. Green tea is a test. You may also have Black teas but I would limit to 16 oz daily because of acidity.

Why can’t you drink with meals?

Drinking water with meals dilutes digestive enzymes, which will impair digestion.  It also causes you to be prematurely full and we want you to fill up on food so that you aren’t hungry in an hour or two!  It is best to wait 45 minutes before and after your meals to have water.

Does coffee count as part of my water intake when I include it starting on day 4?

Coffee doesn’t count towards your daily water total.

Should I add in extra water for wine and when is best to have wine?

Yes! It’s best to add in an extra 4-5 oz to your daily total for every glass of wine you have and it’s good to include that water earlier in the day (before 7:30pm).  You can have wine later at night (up until bedtime!).

What can I do if I am drinking all of my water but am still thirsty?

I would first make sure that you have added in any extra water that you might need for wine or exercise.  If you are still thirsty at this point then please try adding in lemon juice to your water.  The extra vitamin C helps the cells of the body to absorb and use the water more efficiently so you will feel less thirsty.

When do I need to stop drinking water?

While eating after 7:30 is fine, for optimal digestion and weight data it is critical not to drink water with or after dinner and at least 4 hours before bed.

How do I adjust my water intake for exercise?

A good rule of thumb is to add in 8 oz for every 30 minutes of exercise. You may drink less or more according to thirst.

How do I adjust water intake for hot weather?

In hot weather, make adjustments similar to exercise (one or two additional glasses depending upon the severity of the heat, how much time you spend outdoors, etc.). This is especially important for those of you who get migraines because heat can dehydrate you and trigger migraines. Staying out in the heat too long can start to cause your body to overheat and impair your lymphatic system. We see this especially when gardening outdoors for hours. It is best to take breaks from the heat by going inside and cooling off every 30 minutes if possible.You may notice weight stabilization the next day.


My Basal body temperatures range between 96.3 and 96.7—do I need to take the Kelp and B12 supplements?

If your temperatures are above 96 then just get started with a thyroid friendly menu and it should work to increase your temperature beautifully. Finding the right proteins and exercise will boost your BBT.

Which Maine Coast Sea Seasonings should I purchase?

The Kelp or Dulse shaker varieties work best.

I’m on thyroid medication—do I still need to do the thyroid test?

Yes—its important to see how the medication is working at the tissue level.


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