The Cardio Myth Explained

For years, we’ve all been told that “cardio” is the golden key to weight loss. Cardio workouts include running, brisk walking, spinning, and aerobics—any vigorous exercise in which your heart rate stays up for extended periods without a break. But is cardio good for weight loss? For most of us, Read more…

The Foods a Thyroid Expert Would Remove From Your Diet (and Why)

Despite all the information available on metabolism and how your thyroid health affects it, this common chemical process continues to baffle us with its finicky temperament. Keeping it balanced and in working order is no easy feat. How much and what type of exercise should we be doing? Are there certain foods we should avoid altogether or be eating more of? Read more…

Plan Recipe Book – November 2017

Happy Fall!  Here is the very first issue of  The Plan – Your Community Recipe Book.  We hope you will enjoy these recipes as you Plan for the upcoming holidays!   Plan Recipe eBook – November 2017    

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