Here are some helpful hints to make planning even easier.

Can’t do all 20 days at once?
You don’t NEED to do all 20 days at once- this is something you can do your whole life! Remember this is gathering data. The more data you have, the healthier and leaner you are.

If you can get through the first six days THAT would be incredible. You’ll reduce inflammation and gather some really important info that can inform you every day decisions!

After that try to take 2-3 days a week to “plan’. Want to concentrate on testing? Use the even numbers after day 6 to test the foods you love- days 8 bread,10 a new protein, 12 a new vegetable etc.
Want to lose inflammation, let your body heal (and oh yes lose weight too!)? Great, stay with the odd numbered days after day 6 and you’ll start to get healthier and leaner- you would use days 7,9,11 etc.
  • For our readers that have thyroid dysfunction- please note that our thyroid friendly menus have been developed by working with thousands of hypo and hyperthyroid clients. Cooking will deactivate the goitrogens in kale and broccoli. Just because a food is a goitrogen does not necessarily mean it will be goitrogenic for YOU, there is just a higher chance of it so test these foods as you would any other. Pay attention to your weight and your bbt the next day.
Extra tips:
  • A STELLAR source of protein and minerals is hemp seeds. They have a taste like cheese, a texture like couscous and are amazng for weight loss and health. You can order hemp and chia seeds online from Amazon, a brand we love is Nutiva.
  • Please do NOT have soup at dinner, it causes weight stabilization.

Day 8 Info:

  • If you pass grain test on day 5 you can sub testing a new cereal on day 8 instead of bread.
  •  If you want a new breakfast and would like to test bread you can switch the bread test to breakfast. Toast bread and have it with 1-2 tbsp raw almond butter and a half piece of approved fruit. Switch lunch to cream of broccoli soup and a salad with avocado, carrots and pumpkin seeds

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