ThePlanLogoSageCan healthy foods be making you overweight and sick? Find the surprising foods that may not be working for your chemistry like salmon, Greek yogurt, cauliflower and strawberries. The secret to losing weight is chemistry not calories. The Plan will provide a structured method to help you find which foods work for your particular body chemistry, and cause inflammation. Inflammation causes weight gain, disease and hastens the aging process.

THE PLAN improves:

• Weight loss and signs of aging
• Thyroid function and hormonal balance
• Blood pressure and Diabetes
• Digestive disorders
• Skin conditions like eczema
• Migraines and sleep patterns
• Auto-immune disease
• Energy levels and well being

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The Plan Chat Room – February 27
Feb 27 all-day
The Plan Chat Room - February 27
The Plan Chat Room is waiting for you!  The Plan Chat Room, helps you make The Plan a way of life. You will get accurate answers to your Plan questions in a friendly, positive and supportive environment moderated by Plan Health Coach, Karen, extensively trained by Lyn-Genet.
Won’t you consider joining a limited group of fellow Planners in our private Facebook group? In our group we have regular discussions about The Plan, food, exercise, recipes and so much more. We are a group of Planners spanning from those who have just finished their 20 Days to experienced Planners who are looking for a bit of support, guidance and camaraderie. In addition to discussions, our private group also has chances to win gift certificates and discounts on consults with our fabulous staff nutritionists and doctors!
Your Health Coach, Karen, will be on daily, Mon-Fri to help answer the community’s questions. We have a 1-month group starting March 1st.
Deadline to sign up : Friday, February 26 5:00 PM EST.
Membership is  $20 for 1 month (less than $1/day)! Your health is worth it!
We would love to welcome you into our inviting space so we can chat about your Plan!
Contact to sign up!
If you prefer more individualized attention, you can join our next Team Plan. Team Plan gives you a yearlong access to a separate, private Team Facebook page, as well as one-on-one guidance from a Health Coach for 20 days of your Plan and an hourlong webinar with Lyn-Genet.